Once the WFLP program receives your application from the Graduate School and your application materials to the College of Information MS-WFLP, the faculty and CI-Admissions will evaluate your application and make a decision about your admission.

The faculty will be looking for such things as:

  • Relevant work experience (Career and Technology Education, corporate training, performance improvement)
  • Certification(s) held
  • Publications/writings
  • Presentations
  • Involvement in professional associations
  • Leadership involvement and potential

The WFLP faculty will review all materials. A letter will be sent to you indicating their decision. A decision will be made by the end of the semester in which WFLP receives your application from the Toulouse Graduate School and your application materials. 

Individuals who do not meet all of the required educational and work experience qualifications will be required to complete 3 or 6 credits of an internship in addition to the courses required on the Master's degree plan. The internship does not have to be taken before registering for other courses on your official degree plan. However, it must be completed by the time you graduate.

Once you have been accepted into the WFLP program, you should contact the WFLP Master's advisor so that an official degree plan can be completed and submitted to the Graduate School.

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