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Conceptual Papers and Reviews of Literature in Refereed Publications

Baker, R., & Passmore, D. (2016). Value and Pricing of MOOCs. Education Sciences, 6(2), 14. MDPI AG. doi:

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Empirical Research Published in Refereed Publications

Kim, K.-N., & Baker, R. (2015). The Assumed Benefits and Hidden Costs of Adult Learners’ College Enrollment. Research in Higher Education, 56, 510-533. doi:10.1007/s11162-014-9351-x. 

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Book Reviews

Baker, R. (2016). Credibility, validity, and assumptions in program evaluation methodology, Apollo M. Nkwake. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland (2015). 166 + xxi pp. ISBN: 978-3-319-19020-4; ISBN ebook: 978-3-319-19021-1. Evaluation and Program Planning, 57, 48-49. doi:

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